Sunday, June 29, 2014

2014-19 Fishing is Hot in Sitka Area This Summer

Saturday, June 28th:

Over the month of June the Wild Blue crews have fished their way from Craig to Sitka, Alaska.  For the month, 36 King salmon, many Coho salmon, and several halibut have been caught by the various groups of visiting fisherman crew.

The fishing has been pretty spectacular among the other Selene yachts as well with many fish boated by Patrick and Miriam on Spirit.  Perhaps the biggest catch so far occurred today aboard the yacht Seeker when Mike and Susie and crew landed a 165 pound halibut while trolling for salmon!  This halibut was longer and heavier than 3 of out the 4 Seeker crew members!  Amazingly, no one was injured by the BIG fish during the 60-minute long fight!

The fish was bigger than 3 out of 4 Seeker crew members!
The Seeker crew was so excited about their giant halibut, they pulled along side our slip to show off their catch! They could barely lift the fish, so only the head made the photo.

Seeker moves into position to display the big halibut.

They could barely get the head above the rail for us to see.

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