Monday, July 1, 2013

#2013-35 How Many Fish Can We Lose?

By 8:30AM on our last day in Whale Bay, we're again fishing the hot spots.  Too sleepy and a bit hungover, our technique is rusty and within 1 hour we have lost 5 fish! But, by the end of the day we have landed 9 Cohos and released 3 King salmon, one a 36-inch 20+ pounder.  Commercial salmon season opened today and now the Bay is filled with many trollers.  It's a good day to return to Sitka, so we head back to town but stop short anchoring at Hot Springs Bay. Willie cleans fish while Joe and Mike bag them.  We end the day with delicious ribs or salmon steaks in our stomachs.

The Wild Blue college crew spent the next few days exploring Sitka and cleaning the boat.  Everyone was anticipating yet another spectacular 3-D July 3rd Fireworks show.

Two college graduates demystify the Seal-A-Meal.

This Canadian ship is from the International
Pacific Halibut Commission (IHPC) and enforces halibut fishing. 
Enforcer is a Alaska Fish and Game vessel.
The meat eaters dine on Cajun pork ribs.
The non-meat guy is stuck with day old fried King salmon steak.

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  1. Oh no! Losing 5 fish when your aim is to catch them is not a good way to start your fishing escapade! But I can only imagine the hilarity of the whole thing! Haha! Still, it's great that the fishing trip is still concluded a successful one! Congratulations!
    Bernita @ Catch Me If U Can Fishing Charters