Thursday, June 7, 2012

#24 - Fishing Sitka

The Fontes and Frenches still have a day left to cruise and we haven't caught a salmon yet so today we'll give it one last shot. Last year we boated salmon south of Sitka near Long Island and the Biorka Islands. On Thursday we left the dock at 7 followed by Serena and were fishing the north side of Long Island by 8am.  This time we trolled frozen herring with no luck either.  After an hour we continued further south 2 hours and fished in the sheltered east side of Biorka all by ourselves.  The water had bits of kelp and we kept clearing our line of the lettuce.  Serena continued to the west side of Borka and fished with about 25 other boats.  After a 30 minute pass we had a 15 pound salmon aboard.  Within another 20 minutes a 31-inch Ling Cod hit the bait and Chuck reeled him in.  After that the bite was off and the wind and waves began to build.  We ended our short fishing day with two in the box!  Two days later Serena returned to Long Island just 3 miles from Sitka and boated 2 fish within 30 minutes, one being a 25-pound King.

Finally the fish table gets some real usage!

On Thursday evening we dined on fresh King salmon slow cooked on Cedar plank and Ling cod season coated and pan fried in olive oil.  Spectacular!!!

It's been a fun week with the Fontes and Frenches who are nice and easy going crew.  They all, including Pat, fly home tomorrow.  Alex will complete overdue maintenance while enjoying performances of the Sitka Music Festival. (See ).  

The turkey rancher, chicken farmer, and CPA practitioner, Alex's college buddies, crew next starting June 24.  The Blog will resume about that time.  

Sitka Music Festival stage overlooks the ocean.

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