Tuesday, August 10, 2010

#63 Tacoma Again

On Monday we left Boston Harbor for Tacoma and the Glass Art Museum. We visited there a week or so ago. The new Wild Blue crew wants to see the sights so we plan to hang here for a couple days. It's a straight forward 3-hour run north with the ebb tide helping our speed. We passed the McNeil Island penitentiaries, worked through Tacoma Narrows, and then turned hard right at Point Defiance into Commencement Bay and Tacoma. There were lots of sports fishers about as the salmon were biting. We slowed down and winded our way through a group of 20 or so just off Point Defiance. Once again we tied up at the Dock Street Marina, the 2009 Marina of the Year, adjacent to the Chiluly Glass Museum.

This classic yacht shows off just outside Tacoma.

The Tacoma Dome and other downtown venues are in easy walking distance.

This geese group has integrated with other species.

So was it something I said?

If walking isn't your thing, it a cheap ride on Tacoma's Sound Transit bus.

We spent two days touring the town. We found a great fish market and bought 6 pounds of Dover sole fillets. We really had too much sole but at $5 per pound, we took the Costco approach to buying. Luckily our next Wild Blue crew showed up in Seattle early. Gene and Steve Gray called while driving north from SeaTac. We immediately invited them for dinner and they flipped a U-turn on I-5. What a feat! They arrived about 40 minutes later just in time for cocktails. Pat, with Nancy and Marianne assisting, sauteed and served a great bunch of sole, and we almost finished it all.

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