Saturday, August 14, 2010

#67 Edmonds

Although the Poulsbo Marina was full without a slip available, we decided to move onto Edmonds. The Grays wanted to visit Friday Harbor, and Edmonds just below Admiralty Inlet, put us closer to it. It was an easy 2-hour voyage and the salmon sports-fishers followed by the Kingston-Edmonds Ferry, lead the way, across the shipping lanes, right to the marina entrance.

Our route from Poulsbo to Edmonds.

The Marina is very nice but has one of the narrowest entrance openings around. Just after entering, a hard port or starboard turn is required. Unfortunately a low-profile boat, is hidden by the break-wall, and upon exiting, can't be seen by an entering boat. We found out in a hurry why everybody slows down! Thankfully no fiberglass was exchanged.

The exciting Edmonds Marina entrance.

Edmonds is a clean marina with lots of activity. Narrow fairways can make transiting the harbor a "white-knuckle" experience.

Crews of the Lady Anne and Wild Blue dined ashore at Arnie's, one of the many seafood dinner houses populating this big boating complex.

Sunset in Edmonds looking towards the Olympic Penninsula.

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