Sunday, August 8, 2010

#62 Boston Harbor

Once outside of Hammersley Inlet we headed north up Pickering Passage for Jarrel's Cove located on the northern end of Harstine Island. After phoning ahead we learned that their dock was full so we continued on to Fairview marina. That marina has no dockspace and even though we could have anchored, it would be difficult for Marvin to get his morning newspaper. We U-turned and headed south back down Pickering Passage to Jarrel's Cove.

The Graham Point bridge connects Harstine Island to the Olympic Peninsula. It allows boats under 30 feet in height to pass. Luckily the tip of Wild Blue's radio antennas are just 28 feet above the water.

Once at Jarrel's we noticed space on the end of the public dock, so we moved in for a closer inspection. The chart shows just 6-feet in front of the dock which is cutting it close as Wild Blue draws just under that. However the tide was rising and would stay up overnight. Alex decided to attempt mooring while monitoring the depth. He pulled the boat parallel to the dock in 9 feet of water about 15 feet away. He then slowly thrustered the boat sideways towards the dock. The depth dropped as the boat neared the dock. Just as we closed enough to tie up, the depth dropped to 4.5 feet, too shallow. Luckily we didn't bottom out as Wild Blue's deep keel is centerline and the depth sensor is off center, next to the keel. We decided to head for Boston Harbor.

These homes along Pickering Passage offer beach style living for those with lessor incomes.
This Pickering Passage home offers upscale beach living.

These wave-riders really enjoyed Wild Blue's giant wake and entertained use for several miles.

We phoned the Boston Harbor Marina and secured dock space for the night. BH is an older marina in an affluent suburban setting. The Marina is the hub of this community of upscale waterfront homes. We walked the neighborhood and enjoyed manicured yards and pretty homes. The highlight of the day was Vince's homemade carbonara.

Boston Harbor, a small town near Olympia, has its very own unique identity. General Contractor Vince did notice that the electrical dock poles are in need of replacement. Newer docks run the power cables in conduits under the dock floats.

This affluent egret enjoys Boston Harbor's sophisticated ambiance.

Oh boy....It's Vince Fonte's famous pasta carbonara. Fantastic!

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