Monday, November 20, 2017

2017-24 Magdalena Bay to Puerto Los Cabos

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 - 6PM

This afternoon about 4PM, we enjoyed a fine meal of chilled cerviche, shrimp cocktail, and fresh fish tacos at the "Whalebone" restaurant on the beach in Mag Bay.   The fleet start of the leg to San Jose del Cabo, aka Puerto Los Cabos, is planned for mid-morning tomorrow allowing arrival early morning in the boat busy Cabo area the next day. This afternoon, the Wild Blue crew had been chatting about leaving after dinner.  At the dinner, Alex alerted the communication guru Christie, aboard Varnebank, of our decision to leave early and made a radio communications schedule on marine SSB channel 4B for 8:45AM tomorrow.   About 6PM, once the crew filled up on the fine seafood, we ran the tender back to the Wild Blue, loaded and secured it aboard, pulled the anchor and headed out to sea in the dark night.

The flat sea of Mag Bay continued for 10 miles outside the entrance.  The wind stayed at less than 8 knots and always from the northwest direction.  This favorable light wind allowed just slight breeze over the deck.  With all windows, hatches and doors open, the water temps in the mid-80F's, it was just too warm to sleep below.  Alex began his off-watch sleep above the pilothouse, on the bridge deck.

Sunrise at Sea, Wednesday, November 15, 2017
By Wednesday first light, about 5:30AM, the Wild Blue was 7 miles due west of the coastal town of Inocentes, Baja Sur.  The wind was light, sea temp was 85F, and a 1-2 foot well-spaced westerly swell barely rocked the boat.

At 8:45AM Alex contacted Christie on Varnebank via Marina SSB.  Varnebank was just about to get underway from Mag Bay, 120 miles northwest of Wild Blue's position.  Varnebank's signal was loud and clear, as Alex reported "all OK aboard with 430PM ETA at Los Cabos".

Arch rock at Cabo San Lucas.
This Development fits nicely with it's surrounding shades.
The Cabo coastline is well-populated with hotels, condos and homes.
At 4;30PM we approached and entered Puerto Los Cabos and where were assigned the primo slip B-9 by the efficient staff in the marina office.
The hurricane proof breakwater entrance at Puerto Los Cabos
CUBAR boats lined up on "B"dock: Burndtsand, Angels Pearl, Crawfish,
New Fidelity, Kataluma and Wild Blue.
Thursday, November 16, 2017:

Early the this morning the bulk of the fleet arrived in the port.  News spread around the fleet that the Skipjack 28 Brown Eyed Girl had suffered equipment failure on their I-O drive.  They were running on the boat's 10hp kicker at 3 to 4 knots and expected arrival in 30 hours on the 17th.  However the Nordhavn 40 Sprezzatura offered to tow the Girl, which she did for 18 hours, arriving to the sound of 20 ship horns as the CUBAR fleet welcomed both to Los Cabos at 4:30 this afternoon.

Nordhavn 40 Sprezzatura arrives to the sounds of 20 ship horns!
Brown-Eyed Girl is welcomed by the CUBAR Fleet
Cross on the hill overlooking Puerto Los Cabos,
and the CUBAR Fleet.

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