Wednesday, November 1, 2017

2017-19 Mission Bay to San Diego and the San Diego Yacht Club

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Yesterday we put the crew on the beach.  Elias and Sid were loaded aboard the tender boat, then Alex drove it up onto the beach.  We were greeted by local Mission Bay resident Bob Semonsen, a long time friend and Wild Blue crew.  Bob lives just 150 feet from the beach and thankfully he dragged the tender further up the beach so crew could jump ashore without getting too wet. Then he drove them to the train Station.  Elias and Sid arrived back in SLO town about 8:30 PM, and missed the final game of the World Series.

View from Wild Blue of the sandy beach in front of  San Luis Rey Place,
Mission Bay.  Crew has just entered Bob's blue Vanagan for ride to train station.
Today we loaded our San Diego delivery crew.  Alex again drove the tender on the beach and was joined by Bob, his daughter Casey and grandson Cyrus.  Tina helped us off the beach, we loaded the tender aboard and headed for San Diego.  The 2-hour ride was mostly uneventful, until transiting the main channel alongside two speedy, US Navy Mark VI Patrol boats.  These 80+ feet boats can achieve 50 mph but radiate a large wake!

US Navy Mark VI Patrol Boat passes close off our port.
Get ready for some rock and roll.
Eventually we entered the Shelter Island channel and contacted the San Diego Yacht Club.  The Club regularly hosts the CUBAR (Cruise Underway to BAja Rally) an organized cruise for power boats to La Paz, Mexico.  We will be cruising along this year with about 30 other power boats.

The west coasts favorite dockmaster, SDYC's Ty Olsen, arranged for primo Bermuda-style moorage directly in front of the Clubhouse.  Wild Blue and three other entries provided a "trawler boat" backdrop for those members and guests dining at the Club.

CUBAR entries Wild Blue, Burntsand, Blessed and J Crew moored
just in front of the SDYC clubhouse
SDYC has choice moorage in front of the main Clubhouse.  It's
Bermuda style with a submerged cable for bow connection. Boats
are tied stern to the dock.  Connecting the bow mooring line can be fun
 as SDYC's Mia and Wild Blue's crew Bob demonstrate.  Note the tender
assisting Wild Blue is named "Blue Yonder". Curious.....

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