Sunday, October 9, 2016

2016-30: La Push, Washington to Tillamook, Oregon

Sunday, October 9, 2016: Exiting La Push, Washington

1AM Update:

At midnight we exited La Push with the assistance of the Coast Guard's very bright LED floodlights.  It seemed like daylight in places but the ocean surface was nicely illuminated.  It took about ten minutes to exit and cross the bar.  Once outside we prepared for crew helm shifts of 2-hours starting at 1AM.

This morning's video exiting La Push.  Coast Guard Station lighted the river and bar and you can see the bright LED flood light in the photo.  Later the bar is a bit difficult to make out, so best to turn up the brightness on your display, and maybe dim the room lights?

Anacortes to San Francisco Cruise Plan Updated October 9:

Oct 3-Monday: Neah Bay 10 hours

Oct 4-Tuesday: La Push 5 hours; 4 days delay due to storms.

Oct 9-Sunday: Tillamook 19 hours

Oct 10-Monday: Yakima-Newport 7 hours; South Beach Marina

Oct 11-Tuesday: Coos Bay 10 hours; Charleston Marina

Oct 12-Wednesday: Crescent City 13 hours

Oct 13-Thursday: Eureka 7 hours; Woodley Island Marina

Oct 14-Friday: Little River Anchorage 12 hours

Oct 15-Saturday: Bodega Bay 9 hours, Spud Point Marina

Oct 16-Sunday: San Francisco 9 hours, Westpoint Harbor

5:30PM Update

It's been a bouncy ride down from La Push today.  Our route took us off shore about 8 miles to avoid the Columbia River ebb wash.  The ride smoothed a bit when we turned towards Tillamook, about 11 hours into this 19-hour run.

Received reports that we were visible on most of the way down today.  We are about 10 miles off Tillamook, Oregon now and expect to be in by 7PM.  More later.

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