Thursday, July 23, 2015

2015-13 Last Whale Bay Fishing Trip

Friday-Monday, July 10-13, 2015

It took us two days to complete the windlass repair so by Friday afternoon we were headed back for one last fishing soiree to Whale Bay.  We fished the northern side of the Bay until 8PM then moved to Rakovi Bay for the night. Out early on Saturday, we fished the north and west sides of Krishka Island as before.  The bite was way off and by mid-morning with just a few in the box, we headed south in hopes to fish halibut at Snipe Bay and Kekur Head.  This unprotected ocean was a bit rough with southwest waves and wind, but we found we could comfortably fish in the lee of the Kekur Islands.  Apparently the halibut liked the rougher water, so by 3PM we headed up coast towards Sitka.  We set the anchor at Rakof Island in the bay just northwest of 2nd Narrows.

On Sunday we fished the east side of Legma Island, a place we had caught several in the past.  This place was also quiet so we moved to Biorka Island and landed a king and a coho.  Finally we headed back to Sitka and processed the few fish we had.

Our last day fishing Sitka this season was Monday.  First we fished the Rock Pile without success then it was out to Biorka Island for two fish.  We headed back to town about 3PM running into a pod of Orcas off Zenobia Rock and nearly grinding one up!  Alex had to immediately slow the boat, going out of gear to keep from colliding as the whales were gorging on salmon, and ignoring the Wild Blue.  It was a fitting end to a slow fishing week for these SLO cowboys.

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