Wednesday, July 1, 2015

2015-08 The Wild Blue Crew is on the Fish!

July 1st
We've just returned from our third fishing expedition in past 10 days to Whale Bay, 40 miles south of Sitka, Alaska. The fishing has been just overwhelming.  Hard to believe that four old guys could land 59 salmon in just a few days.  A total of 21 King salmon, 37 Cohos and a halibut made for a fabulous fish week.

For the complete fish count including the ones that got away, see the Wild Blue Fish Report at the end of this post.

From the Fish Report, most of he fish were pulled from the Western and Northern edge of Krishka Island.  The western side is exposed to the Gulf swell but the northern side is flat.

We fished in close to the edge of the Island, in 100 feet with the down-riggers at 75 to 85 feet.  When we saw bait on the sonar, we started a slow turn, and this seemed to cause most of the action,and hookups. One particular spot along the north shore of Krishka Island is directly across from a fallen tree, where the shore line curves inward.  See the photo.  The water is deep here and in a way resembles the Shark Hole just outside Kalinin Bay at the top of Kruzof Island.  We were more likely to see bait adjacent to the tree and would start our turn, then "Fish On!".

On prior trips to the Bay, Krishka Island would only be fished when to swell was up. So it ranks after King City, Whale Bay North and Whale Bay South for fish landed.  After this week, it's on top!

The magic tree on the North Shore

m/v Wild Blue Fish Report, June 25th - July 1st, 2015

NbrDateTypeSpecLenBaitDeepLocationTODSlack +/-Comments# King
125-JunTroKing33Hoo120Biorka Isl8:05AM +020 m1
F25-JunTroCohoBIGHoo50Whale Bay S8:30PM +000mNet Error
F25-JunTroKing?Hoo50Whale Bay S8:45PM +015 mNet error
225-JunTroKing28Hoo50Whale Bay S9:00PM +030 m2
F25-JunTro??Hoo50Whale Bay S9:16PM +046 mOff hook
325-JunTroCoho34Hoo50Whale Bay S9:16PM +046 mDouble H
425-JunTroCohomHoo50Whale Bay S9:29PM +059 m
526-JunTroCohomHoo50Whale Bay S9:02AM -030 m
626-JunTroCohomHoo60Whale Bay S9:08AM -024 m
726-JunTroCohomHoo60Whale Bay S9:28AM -004m
826-JunTroCohomHoo50Whale Bay S9:42AM +010 m
926-JunTroCohomHoo50Whale Bay S10:05AM +033 m
1026-JunTroCohomHoo50Whale Bay S10:33AM +061 m
1126-JunTroKing35Hoo50Whale Bay S11:07AM +095 m3
1226-JunTroCohomHoo50Whale Bay S11:28AM +116 m
1326-JunTroKing32Hoo50WB N Krishka Isl3:45PM +075 m4
F26-JunTroKingBIGHoo50WB N Krishka Isl4:01PM +091 mOff Hook
F26-JunTro??Hoo50WB N Krishka Isl4:03PM +093 mBad Hook
1426-JunTroCohomHoo50WB N Krishka Isl4:35PM +126 m
1526-JunTroKing36Hoo50WB N Krishka Isl5:05PM +156 m5
F26-JunTroKingBIGHoo50WB N Krishka Isl5:20PM +171 mNet Error
1626-JunTroCohomHoo50WB N Krishka Isl5:50PM +201 m
1727-JunTroHali41Hoo90WB N Krishka Isl8:50AM -100 mBall hit bottom
1827-JunTroCohomHoo90WB N Krishka Isl9:10AM -080 m
1927-JunTroKing32Hoo90WB N Krishka Isl9:48AM -042 m6
2027-JunTroKing28Hoo110WB South10:05AM -025 m7
2127-JunTroCohomHoo80WB South10:35AM +005 m
2227-JunTroCohomHoo80WB N Krishka Isl11:28AM +058 m
2327-JunTroCohomHoo80WB N Krishka Isl11:42AM +072 m
2427-JunTroCohomHoo80WB N Krishka Isl11:55AM +085 m
2527-JunTroCohomHoo65WB N Krishka Isl12:05PM +095 m
2627-JunTroKing37Hoo65WB W Krishka Isl12:25PM +115 m8
2727-JunTroCohomHoo50WB W Krishka Isl5:25PM +100 m
2827-JunTroKing34Hoo85WB W Krishka Isl5:38PM +113 m9
2927-JunTroKing29Hoo80WB N Krishka Isl5:53PM +128 m10
3027-JunTroKing30Hoo80WB N Krishka Isl6:15PM +150 m11
3127-JunTroKing29Hoo80WB N Krishka Isl6:24PM +159 m12
R27-JunTroKing27Hoo80WB N Krishka Isl6:45PM +180 mReleased
3227-JunTroCohomHoo80WB N Krishka Isl7:15PM +210 m
3327-JunTroKing35Hoo65WB W Krishka Isl7:29PM +224 mDaily Limit13
R28-JunTroKing<27 td="">Hoo80WB W Krishka Isl6:42AM +092 mReleased
F28-JunTro??Hoo65WB W Krishka Isl6:50AM +100 mWrap on D/R
3428-JunTroCohomHoo65WB W Krishka Isl7:11AM +121 m
3528-JunTroCohoBIGHoo65WB N Krishka Isl7:31AM +142 m
3628-JunTroCohomHoo80WB N Krishka Isl7:40AM +151 m
3728-JunTroKing37Hoo80WB N Krishka Isl7:50AM +161 m14
3828-JunTroKing33Hoo80WB N Krishka Isl8:01PM +172 mVideo w/weed15
3928-JunTroCohomHoo80WB N Krishka Isl8:42PM +213 m
4030-JunTroCohomHoo80WB N Krishka Isl6:55AM +025 m
4130-JunTroKing31Hoo65WB N Krishka Isl7:20AM +050 mHatchery Fish16
4230-JunTroCohomHoo65WB N Krishka Isl8:10AM +100 m
4330-JunTroCohomHoo65WB N Krishka Isl8:20AM +110 m
4430-JunTroKing30Hoo75WB W Krishka Isl8:56AM +146 m17
4530-JunTroCohoBIGHoo75WB W Krishka Isl9:10AM +160 m
4630-JunTroKing32Hoo65WB W Krishka Isl9:13AM +163 m18
4730-JunTroCohomHoo75WB N Krishka Isl9:47AM +197 m
4830-JunTroKing35Hoo85WB W Krishka Isl9:52AM +202 m19
4930-JunTroCohomHoo75WB W Krishka Isl10:29AM +239 m
5030-JunTroCohomHoo75WB N Krishka Isl10:49AM +259 m.
5130-JunTroKing31Hoo85WB N Krishka Isl10:58AM +268 m20
5230-JunTroKing34Hoo80WB N Krishka Isl6:01PM -030 mDL,Hatchery Fi21
531-JulTroCohomHoo80WB N Krishka Isl6:10AM -060 m
541-JulTroCoho31Hoo80WB N Krishka Isl6:18AM -052 m
551-JulTroCohomHoo80WB N Krishka Isl6:23AM -047 m
561-JulTroCohomHoo80WB N Krishka Isl6:28AM -042 mHatchery Fish
571-JulTroCohomHoo80WB N Krishka Isl7:01AM -009 m
581-JulTroCohomHoo80WB N Krishka Isl7:19AM +009 m
591-JulTroCoho34Hoo80WB N Krishka Isl7:23AM +013 m
Nbr: Landed Fish Number, or F-Farmed (lost), or R=Released
Type: Bot=Bottom Fish, Tro=Troll, Moo=Mooch
Spec: King, Coho, Hali=Halibut
Len: In inches,or m=medium sized, or BIG=large
Bait: Hoo=Hootchie, or Herr=herring, or Watr=Watermelon lure
Slack: Minutes before (-) or after (+) high or low tide
Total Fish = 59: 1 Halibut, 21 Kings, 37 Cohos

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