Saturday, April 28, 2012

#3 In the City

The Langara Fishing Lodge is moving north from Vancouver for the summer.

It was a calm night at Sucia Islands, probably the calm before the Customs storm. We are dreading the Canadian Customs transition as Pat doesn't want to give up Wilson, our Fescue grass potted plant that has been aboard since 2005.  Canada Border Services has been adamant that the plant must go, so much so that Alex has been chewed out during the clearance phone call the last few times.  After lots of discussion we decide to end Wilson's life, so to speak, before Vancouver and more Customs trauma.
Pat "ends" Wilson's life.  Why does she look so cheerful?

But what do you do with discarded plant parts?  What is the "half-life" of a Fescue grass?

With a smooth run up the Salish Sea, we arrive at False Creek and Customs is a snap when no soil based plants are aboard.  We check in at Quayside Marina quite happy to be a long way from home, only to find our San Luis Obispo "neighbors" on the Selene Seeker just down the dock.  It's just so hard to get away anymore!

We're spending a few days in this fine City.  We'll wine and dine, then do the final provisioning for all those things Canadian Customs won't let us bring to Canada without duty..... wine, wine, and more wine.  It's Canada, Eh!

Wild Blue enjoying Vancouver night life.

Superb dining establishment in the False Creek area.

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  1. very cool photo of Wild Blue at night

    Alan M