Friday, April 27, 2012

#2 Off the Dock..... Finally

From the Pilothouse with Sucia Islands on the horizon.

It's 730. We left about 6pm from Anacortes and we are northbound on the flood tide to a Sucia Island anchorage. Will arrive at sunset and anchor for the evening. The big wide open ocean is flat and we don't expect any south chop this evening. Tomorrow we'll get out early and work our way up to Vancouver so we can do our Canadian Customs plant dance.

Drove the Honda Element, loaded with more boat stuff, 1200 miles from California to Anacortes over Wednesday and Thursday. Pat shopped Trader Joes, Fred Meyer and our favorite homemade pie store today. We loaded 1200 gallons of diesel and many containers of provisions. Spent $6,000 on food and fuel, a couple thousand more than last year.

We're happy to be off the dock. See you tomorrow in the City.

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  1. how did the plant dancing go? i think you should post a you-tube video demonstrating....