Thursday, April 29, 2010

#3 Snug Harbor

OK so Alex slept in a bit and we didn't get underway until 9-ish. Well by then the wind was about 15 knots from the northwest and there was an uncomfortable wave chop in Vancouver's ocean just outside False Creek entrance. Of course Pat reminded Alex about sleeping in on cruise days.

There is a kite surfer going 20+ knots and doing circles around the Wild Blue.

We continued out a couple miles and noticed a kite surfer. He was doing circles around us at about 20 knots, like a mocking bird. Just about the time we arrived at Vancouver's inbound sea traffic lane, the wind whipped seas built up into a nasty 6-foot chop. Spray was coming over the bow, then green water across the pilot house windows. Then green water was regularly filling the Portuguese bridge deck, rolling out the scuppers. Pat reminded Alex about sleeping in on cruise days.

A clear view from the pilot house in calm seas.

The same view today in Vancouver's ocean. If you look closely you can see fish swimming on the window!

The inside was a mess. The fruit basket tipped over with tomatoes on the floor, which mixed with garlic pieces that decided to become independent cloves. If the floor was heated we could have made a great pasta sauce. The F-word was uttered more than once. Pat reminded Alex about sleeping in on cruise days.

Instead of Smugglers Cove on BC's Sunshine Coast, we made a unanimous decision to divert to Snug Cove in Howe Sound. Snug Cove was only 30 cruising minutes away, and the name sounded reassuring. Plus we had stayed at Snug in the past and it has quaint shopping, something that was necessary payback for..... sleeping in.

So after a 65-minute motor, which seemed like a half-day journey, we tied up to the dock in the calm waters waters of Snug Cove. It took a good 30-minues to rincse the salt off the boat but we relaxed and exclaimed how well the boat handles big seas, and it always the crew that has the issues. We're having a better day now.

Moored in the calm waters of Snug Cove. One owner is visiting the shops in town.

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