Sunday, October 1, 2017

2017-15 Smugglers to Channel Islands Harbor

Sunday, October 1, 2017: What a way to begin the month!

We have just a month to get the boat back to fully functional for the CUBAR, or Cruise Underway to BAja Ralley. Formerly named the FUBAR, the name was changed for political correctness.  In November, Wild Blue and crew will be joining some 30+ other power boats for a group cruise down the coast of Baja, hopefully ending at LaPaz.  See for cruise itinerary.  

At this late date it's not a good thing to have a non-functioning crane and dead windlass.  But alas, the replacement power supply for the ship's crane arrives Wednesday.  A brand new windlass has been located and the old one, which has anchored this 95,000 pound ship more about 800 times, has been removed.  So a fully functional craft should be back in the near term.

Yesterday afternoon, we anchored at Smuggler's Cove with about 20 others, Wild Blue being the closest boat to shore by far, with 12 feet of depth.  Rick and Peg scouted the anchorage and stood by while we manually set the anchor in a semi-controlled manner ....... using gravity instead of a powered winch.  When completed, all crew counted and reported the full manifest of fingers and toes.  

Centinela, a fully capable work boat.
Looking westward from the center of Smuggler's Cove
Just outside the break!
Capt. Rick Wiles of Centinela
Crew Gerard, Peg,and Vince on Centinela.
Centinela rooster tail.

Today the crews relaxed aboard Centinela and Wild Blue.  Crew took to kayaks, wet suits, swim suits and inflatables for trips ashore, to reefs, and to the bottom.  Gerard speared a Calico Bass and plucked a half dozen scallops.  And, one last time at 3:30, the "swabbies" manually raised the 140-pound anchor and 24-pounds of chain with such ease and control, that thought rises about the need for a functioning windlass--- NOT!

We arrived at Channel Island Harbor and secured moorage for a few days while repairs are effected.  Next week we move down the coast to Marina del Rey and the infamous California Yacht Club.


  1. Hi Alex! Been following you for a while. My home Port is Ventura. From here to far apart are the opportunities for fueling. Just curious? Thanks Chuck

  2. HI there, fellow Selene owners. This is Deanna and Rob aboard Bella Luna, the Selene 55 docked just across the harbor from you, now that you've moved to Pacific Corinthian. We just purchased Bella Luna a little over a month ago. Would love to meet you while you're still in Channel islands! Drop us a line:

  3. Hi Chuck:
    Sorry for this tardy response, it's been a busy week of boat repairs and service. Will report on that later. Regarding fuel stops from Ventura to La Paz, there are plenty of harbors from Ventura to Ensenada for refueling. The next spot after that is Turtle Bay, about 282 miles. Unfortunately the fuel cost there is high and this year reports indicate above $7 per gallon! From there it's 258 miles to Magdalena Bay. After that it's Cabo at 130 miles, then another 150 to La Paz. Many boats with small tanks take a fuel bladder, but that can be tricky on some boats as the fuel weight is pretty heavy and on deck. Anyway it was fun crusing in your part of the world! Cheers.... Alex

  4. Love your boat. So glad to find your blog! I look forward to reading more about your experience and watching your videos.