Wednesday, September 27, 2017

2017-12 Southbound Around Point Conception

September 27, 2017:  Coho Anchorage

Tomorrow morning we continue our ride southbound and expect to make Point Conception around 5PM.  This has been a fabulous week of weather along the Pacific Coast.  It's 80F+ with zero wind here in Morro Bay this afternoon. The weather has brought out scores of northbound and southbound boats and yachts.  Moorage at Morro Bay has been difficult with the Harbor Patrol directing boats to the Tideland Park public dock for tie-up.  Wild Blue has enjoyed the excellent service of the Morro Bay Yacht Club, the nicest yachting folks on the Coast!

Here's are weather forecast for Thursday and Friday.  Looks like this hot-box is about to cool off.

THU...Winds variable 10 kt or less...becoming NW 10 to 15 kt in the afternoon. Wind waves 2 ft or less. NW swell 3 to 4 ft at 10 seconds. 

THU NIGHT...NW winds 10 to 15 kt with gusts to 20 kt in the evening...becoming 5 to 10 kt. Wind waves 1 to 3 ft. NW swell 3 ft at 9 seconds. S swell 2 ft. 

FRI...NW winds 10 to 20 kt with local gusts to 25 kt in the afternoon. Wind waves 2 to 4 ft. NW swell 3 ft at 9 seconds. 

FRI NIGHT...NW winds 15 to 20 kt with local gusts to 25 kt in the evening...becoming 10 to 15 kt. Wind waves 2 to 4 ft. NW swell 3 to 4 ft at 9 seconds. 

Check in tomorrow about 9AM and/or follow us on

No ripples means HOT BOX!

10AM Thursday: We're 6 miles west of  Avila Beach, CA moving at 8.5 knots.  All fog with 3 foot rollers. A few gray dolphins (porpoises) came by but too quick fr the shutters. On schedule for dropping the hook at Cojo about 4PM.


4:30PM:  Coho Anchorage

Nice ride down the coast.  Wind piped up to 19 knots from the NW once around Arguello but now back to 11 knots here.  Gerard is off to surf and Vince and Alex are into IPA and Sapporo respectively.  Tomorrow off to Forney Cove on Santa Cruz Island.  Cheers.

Coast Starliner or Pacific Starliner?
Point Conception Light
The Lighthouse.

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