Friday, September 23, 2016

2016-24 Port McNeill to Comox

Tuesday-Wednesday, September 20-21, 2016:  Family Delivery Crew

We met our son Ryan from Washington DC, at Victoria International in the afternoon following a slight disappointment with the Orbitz reservations.  This was for a National one-way, one-day car rental to Port McNeill.  Turns out the $79 guaranteed rate turned into $279.  Anyway we had a chatty six hour car ride to the boat in Port McNeill.

At the Port, we prepped, provisioned, and paid our 5-week moorage fees at a fair rate from Steve Jackman at North Island Marina.  Just before noon Wednesday we headed south down Johnstone Strait hoping to make Blind Channel, Otter Cove, or even Kanish's Small Inlet before sunset.

The ride was smooth under sunny skies with very little boat traffic.  The wind and current conspired to stop our progress at sundown, only as far as Blind Channel Resort, not a bad place to spend the night.

The ubiquitous Orca Chief, a Johnstone Strait regular.
Arriving at Blind Channel Resort just after sundown.

Thursday, September 22, 2016:  Blind Channel, through Seymour Narrows to Campbell River

Our 7AM departure, the light winds, and a strong current push down Discovery passage, conspired for us to enjoy a 10:30AM arrival at Campbell River.  The winds are forecast to be high later today and early Friday,  so we were happy to be in port, secured to a dock.

A classic wooden trawler weaving her way up-current.
Lone kayaker crossing Johnstone Strait from Pie Creek with
a 3 knot cross-current.
Chatham Point Light Station at the intersection of Johnstone Strait
and Discovery Passage
Discovery Dawn just north of Seymour Narrows

Friday, September 23, 2016:  Campbell River to Comox

It blew Thursday evening, then rained Friday morning, fulfilling the 15-25 knot SE winds forecast.  We stayed tied up, waiting for the weather to break.  It paused at 11AM so Alex decided to get going to Comox.  Normally a 3.5 hour run, the boat was slowed by brisk winds, sloppy seas, and a 1.5-knot current against the bow.   The boat bounced around, Pat's teapot slid of the counter for the first time in 8 years, and Alex's "go" decision was questioned.  All was forgotten when the Wild Blue tied up in calm, friendly Comox.

Sundown at Comox Harbour

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