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2016-20 Craig via Exchange Cove, Red Bay, Hamilton Cove, El Capitan Pass, Jinhi Bay, and Blanquiza Island Bay with The Movie People

2016-20 Craig via Exchange Cove, Red Bay, Hamilton Cove, El Capitan Pass, Jinhi Bay, and Blanquiza Island Bay with The Movie People

July 19, 2016: Petersburg and The Movie People

Today The Movie People arrived from San Luis Obispo.  Vince, Marianne, Chuck and Caroline are movie buffs and they come fully provisioned with current, new release, and vintage movies for nearly continuous consumption while cruising.  The forecast calls for cloudy and rainy weather, perfect for movie watching.

This week we will cruise south through Wrangell Narrows to Exchange Cove on Prince of Wales Island, then over the top of the Island and down its west coast towards Craig.  Here's our route.

Our counterclockwise route around Prince of Wales Island
July 20, 2016:  Exchange Cove

After dining and provisioning at the airport market just outside Petersburg, we rode the flood tide up to slack, then the ebb down Wrangell Narrows, squirting out into a windy Sumner Strait.  We crossed Sumner and transited the top of Clarence Strait into Exchange Cove.   We wanted this cove because our experience has shown it to be full of crabs, and Chuck is a crabby movie person.  We set the traps.  It was local prawns (purchased in Petersburg), garlic, olive oil, capers and pasta, then The Intern starring Robert Dinero.

Vince's now famous Prawns and Pasta!
Vince shown here describing the dish in Italian.
Movie Guru Chuck with Carolyn says
 "Eat fast, we have a good flick tonight!"  
July 21, 2016:  Red Bay

Everyone enjoyed Dinero in The Intern  and we could relate. This morning we departed and checked out traps.  Just uno.  One male.  We kept him and decided on salmon for dinner instead, as we were passing Salmon Creek.

How can you pass a creek named salmon not fish.  Chuck nabbed a nice sized Coho within 15 minutes, and we stopped fishing, continuing to Red Bay. One there we set the traps, in what appered to be a current free location.    Dinner was barbecued Coho with Cedar chips then Bridge of Spies with Tom Hanks.
One salmon only please.

July 22, 2016:  Hamilton Cove

Today we learned that Red Bay has lots of current and crab traps get trashed in current.  There was nothing in the traps this morning.  The traps were tossed about and ended snagged on rocks in high current area, shallow rocky areas.  We had to launch the dinghy to retrieve them.

We learned from a vessel entering the Bay that big winds were coming in tomorrow afternoon.  So we headed out across the top of the Island, past Port Protection, now famous from the TV show, past point Baker, then into Hamilton Cove, close to the northern entrance of El Capitan Pass.

The Bay had excellent holding and good protection from the expected gale force southeast winds.  We didn't feel much wind, but it might be because we were engrossed in the foreign film The Intouchable.  
Small cruise ship in Sumner Strait.

July 23, 2016: El Capitan Pass, El Capitan Cave and Jinhi Bay

Today we transit the El Capitan Pass, and narrow, windy waterway inside the western edge of Prince of Wales Island.  It was windy this morning until we were inside the Pass.  We anchored for lunch near the El Capitan Cave but the dock was occupied when we were ready to go ashore so we followed the Pass to Sarkar Cove.    There we hooked up to open wifi, retrieved our email, voice messages and got a new fix.  Jinhi Bay was of secure anchorage for the evening.  Pat prepared Farmers Meatballs with mashed potatoes, which brightened this gloomy, rainy day.  We viewed a moving documentary called Into the Arms of Strangers about 10,000 Jewish children rescued into Britain before the start of WWII.

Looking south in El Cap Pass on a rainy day.

July 24, 2016: Blanquiza Island Bay

We moved into Blanquiza Island Bay to put us closer to Craig.  This bay is just south of the exit from the Pass and just 90 Minutes from town.  We consumed two offbeat movies today and caught up on sleep.

July 25, 2016:  Craig

We decided on an early entry to Craig as we wanted to crab the cannery site just north of town.  This site yielded 10 crabs over two days in 2014. We set the traps and found moorage in the South Harbor.

Craig fine dining is limited now that fire destroyed Ruth Ann's in December 2015.  The landmark dining establishment was the best around.  This puts pressure on The Shelter Cove Lodge restaurant so we had tough time getting seated there.  Eventually Vince and Alex tried Zat's Pizza and Papa's Pizza.  Both were good but Papa's was slightly better.

Pat, Marianne, Carolyn and Chuck headed back home while Vince stayed aboard for some real fishing.  As always we enjoy The Movie People every year.

Wild Blue on the South Harbor dock in Craig.

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