Friday, May 9, 2014

2014-07 Back on the IP

Like a migrating goose, the Wild Blue has started her trek Northbound to Alaska.  This morning finds us in Gorge Harbour, British Columbia about 90 miles northwest of Vancouver.  We tied up at the Gorge Harbor Resort which as usual is pretty deserted this time of year, but happily had a large stock of Sleemans Honey Brown Ale. It's been storming since about 4PM yesterday and now eased to occasional rain.  This morning we will be off around 6AM headed towards Beasly Passage, Oskollo Rapids, Johnstone Strait and then someplace near the northern portions of Vancouver Island to anchor or tie-up for the night.  We'll see.

After a few days cruising and anchoring in the Gulf Islands of BC, Tuesday, May 6th we landed in Vancouver at Quayside, False Creek.  The weather was still warm and bright at our 8PM arrival and we could see the City crowds on the beach and boardwalk.  Bicyclers, skateboarders, roller bladers, walkers and runners clogged the beach areas as these Canadians don't waste a bit of their outdoor time in good weather.

Wilson gets a haircut.
Rounding Point Grey the first look at our favorite city.
Besides making for a fine cruise into Vancouver,
flat water allowed this rower to escape the City crowds.
A pretty City skyline.
We enjoyed another full day of sun and fun in Van on Wednesday.  First, the crew of the Selene 55 Amavi, Bill and Pam, joined us for a fine breakfast at Provance Restaurant.  Then we hopped on our new bikes and took a 2-hour ride around Stanley Park.  It seems we've found a boat toy that Pat really likes!  We tried our best to spend $500+ dollars in groceries at the great Urban Fare market, and finally succeeded by paying cash.  Turns out our US Capital One card does have the "chip" needed by some BC retailer's new credit card equipment.  We missed stocking up on Wisers and Sleemans, but made good on those yesterday.

We installed new kayak racks outboard of the boat deck railing causing Pat to exclaim "well now for sure we look like the Clampets from the Beverly Hill Billys".

Since our all-time favorite Baguette store on G Island burned down last June, we been at loss to find an equal.  This place was always a mob scene as Vancouverites packed into this tiny French bakery to buy the most spectacular baguettes. I suspect the fire was set by an unhappy competitor.  Luckily the baker reopened as a distributor of baguettes which are now available in Wholefoods and other local retailers.   See for the details,  of course we trekked up Camby Street to Wholefoods and by Wednesday afternoon all but three of the day's baguettes were sold.  There were none after Pat's purchase!

BTW Camby Street near False Creek is now quite pedestrian and bicycle friendly.  It been redeveloped into an upscale cleaner hood than previously.  Worth a visit.  

Besides baguettes we were on Camby Street looking for a new galley faucet.  Now in the US you would go to ACE, Home Depot or maybe Lowes to get a decent selection of kitchen fixtures.  In Canada you go to a tire store...Canadian Tire.  This tire store had a huge selection tires and everything else!  We also bought a padded bicycle seat, (guess why?) but no tires.

OK.  It about time to get out in the rain and unleash the Wild Blue for another day on the Inside Passage.  Cheers.

When faced with this view at sea, two things are good ......
1-the set anchor and 2-no exhaust smoke.
The Queen of Oak Bay on the way from Horseshoe to
Departure Bay.
Our radar showed us being over taken by the Blob.....
A rain Blob.

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