Tuesday, May 5, 2009

#9 - Shawl Bay to Sullivan Bay

We found that Shawl Bay has great protection from Southeast winds. The winds puff up occasionally, swirl around the Bay, rattle the boats canvas covers, but it's nothing too fierce. It was still blowing this morning, and the barometer was low, but level. The forecast calls for the winds to diminish early this afternoon. We'll wait it out, and if we get a weather break, head for Sullivan Bay, just around the corner.

The route for today.

At last, the barometer began shooting steeply upward just before noon. From 984 to 1000 millibars in what seemed like an hour. The wind dropped to a reasonable speed, and DanCin Dreams and Wild Blue left for Sullivan Bay at 2PM.

Just as we departed, we joined two Nordhavn 62's going our way. We motored side-by-side for about an hour. These Nordys are linking up with another Nordhavn 68 for the Great Siberian Sushi Run: Alaska, Aleutians, Siberia then Japan. Sounds wild and crazy and you can follow their Blog at www.nordhavn68.com. Anyway the four boats DanCin Dream, Gray Pearl, Seabird and Wild Blue, all arrived at Sullivan Bay together, making the dock people scramble to get all the boats tied up. The Sullivan Bay crew did a fine job.

One of the Great Siberian Sushi Cruisers

DanCin Dreams and Wild Blue on Main Street Sullivan Bay

This resort is a full-service community on floats. It includes dock space for maybe 80 good-sized boats, a restaurant, bar, store, fuel station, warehouse, and about 20 good sized float homes. There's a main street and about four "suburban" streets all on floats. Most of the float homes are owned by Americans and used in the summer. There's a BIG 4th of July celebration here each year at Sullivan Bay, BC, Canada.

Uptown Sullivan Bay

A suburban residential "floating street" in Sullivan Bay with Nordhavns parked at the end.

The local Sullivan Bay bear came out to greet us just behind main street.

Tomorrow given decent weather, we want to cross Queen Charlotte Strait into Port Hardy, BC. We need supplies, a macerator pump and new crew, although the crew doesn't show up until Sunday. See you tomorrow.

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