Tuesday, April 28, 2009

#2 - Vancouver to Gibsons

The Wild Blue departed Vancouver at 6AM and headed to Gibsons Landing on BC's Sunshine Coast. Gibsons is only about 20 miles by boat, but some 40 miles by automobile. Not many boats out, just one empty freighter moving into Vancouver to load containers, and a tug towing two wood chip barges. The seabirds were out in force and Pat recognized them as the same we see in Alaska. Perhaps they're moving up the Inside Passage as well.

The seabirds were out in force today.

The 20-mile run form Vancouver to Gibsons Landing.

Of course the big challenge this time of the month is the large tidal change (the difference between the high and low tide), which in turn generates large tidal currents. There is a shallow, 7-foot depth bar, on the final approach to Gibsons Landing. We want to cross it close to high, slack tide to avoid the speedy current, and have a bit more space between the sea floor and Wild Blue’s keel. So a 6AM departure and 8.5-knot average speed put us in front of the Bar at around 8AM and we crossed without incident.

Gibsons 7-foot deep bar.

Gibsons Landing is a scenic seaside village, located on the shores of Howe Sound beneath stunning vistas of the coastal mountains. Gibson's Landing was established in 1886 when George Gibson's boat blew off course and he and his two sons landed here by accident. Incorporated in 1929, local residents persuaded the Post Office in 1947 to drop the "Landing", so today this lively waterfront community is known simply as Gibsons. In this unique setting on Howe Sound, surrounded by Mount Elphinstone to the north, Howe Sound to the east, and the Strait of Georgia on the southwest, you experience a mild west coast climate. Breathtaking mountain-to-ocean scenery, and year-round outdoor recreational activities make Gibsons a rather special for the 4,000 permanent residents.

Gibsons Marina. Note Wild Blue docked on the far left.

Molly's was a great place for "poutine". We ordered it on each visit to Gibsons. Poutine is a dish consisting of French Fries topped with fresh cheese curds covered with brown gravy and sometimes additional ingredients. It is a quintessential Canadian comfort food especially in Quebec. Unfortunately (especially for Jerry Watkins and Alex) they stopped serving this dish just recently.

Pat always enjoys this floating garden in Gibsons public marina. It's too early for the color.

Tulips are in bloom in these cold winter climates.

Once again Pat is the constant gardener. This garden is growing on Wild Blue's "hot house" flybridge. Not only is there color, but lettuce and herbs for "trim as we cruise" freshness.

Even more herbs. I hope we catch enough fish to use them all.

Pat asks: "How can we cruise to Alaska without a hanging flower pot"?

Tomorrow we cruise further up BC's Sunshine coast. We'll probably stop in Secret Cove or move on up to Refuge Cove in Desolation Sound. We may not have internet access so the Blog might be delayed.

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