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2008 Alaska Cruise Crew Information

2008 Alaska Cruise Crew Information

What to Bring

1. Camera, cell phone & charger, pocket flash light, eyeglasses, sunglasses. The boat has 120vac power for charging and a 12vdc car outlet.
2. Ipod with your music. We have an Ipod connection to the main stereo system.
3. Casual clothes, rain clothes and rain jacket; cap/hat, gloves, warm clothes, swimsuit for hot springs, mud boots or shoes for shore walks; 2nd & 3rd pair of comfortable shoes.
4. Toiletries and meds if any.
5. Passport if cruising into Canada

Other Information

Airline Bookings: Where possible, book departures early in the day to insure connections. Some of the smaller airports have only one flight in and out per day. This may require you to spend a night in a hotel at regional airport (i.e. Vancouver, Ketchikan, Juneau), then getting the morning flight to the final destination.

Ferry Service: A lower cost travel option is the ferry service. To save on travel costs, use air service to the bigger cities then ferry to the crew exchange town. The British Columbia crew exchange towns are served by The Alaska crew exchange towns are served by Alaska Marine Highway Service

Fishing: You will be able to purchase 7 or 14 day fishing licenses as needed online from the boat during your cruise. We have salmon and bottom fish poles, shrimp and crab traps.

Kayaking: We currently plan to rent kayaks in Ketchikan for the Alaska routes. Our buddy boat Seagate will have two kayaks, which can be chartered for the proper beverage.

Cell Phones: Cell phone coverage will be spotty at best. It can also be expensive. You may wish to check with your provider for a short-term Alaska-Canadian plan.

Internet: We do have Internet access aboard so you can check your email from our laptop. Some marinas have wireless if you want to bring your PDA or small laptop.

Ship Communications: We have VHF and HF SSB radio for ship-to-shore communications. Seagate, our buddy boat that will be cursing with us, has a satellite phone available for an emergency.

TV: We have Satellite TV so we will know what's happening in the rest of the world. Bring a favorite DVD or two if you like.

Provisioning: In most cases, we will be able to purchase groceries and beverages where you pick up the boat. If you have a "special beverage" you may wish to bring it along.

A Few Boat Rules

Heads (AKA bathrooms): Use only the biodegradable toilet paper provided. Only marine T/P and body waste allowed to be flushed. Please place facial tissues, nail clippings, feminine products, etc. in the wastebasket.

Stateroom Ports (AKA bedroom windows): Always remember to close and secure the ports in your stateroom each morning before we get underway.

Water usage: Please do not take lengthy showers. Water lasts 3 days for a six-person crew. We do have a small electric hair dryer that is compatible with the ship's electrical system.

Boat Information

We will be cruising with a least one "buddy boat" during the entire cruise. A second buddy boat joins us on Jul 19th in Queen Charlotte City.

Boat #1 Boat #2 Boat #3
Owner: Alex Benson Richard Squire Dr. Hugh McIntyre
Boat Name: Wild Blue Seagate Lady Ann
Model: Selene 53 Offshore 54 Navigator 53

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